POS Logistics and Asset Management for FMCG companies

5P XPRESS is an unparalleled, secure online portal giving our clients total transparency and control in the post production stage of POS manufacture.

Control and visibility spans across many organisational levels:

For the Field Representative

  • Order POS items from a mobile device for delivery direct to store
  • Showcase a retail campaign to the retailer whilst in store
  • Track orders and ETAs
  • View a retailer’s POS history
  • Store display photos by retailer for audit purposes

For the Sales Manager

  • Approve or decline a rep’s order
  • View a rep’s performance by brand and/or territory
  • See retailer uptake
  • Audit POS presentation by retailer

For the Brand Manager

  • View current Stock On Hand
  • Receive ‘low stock’ alarms
  • View POS coverage by brand and/or region

For Procurement

  • Reduce storage costs by removing reliance on 3PL
  • Store POS in various locations to ensure ‘best price’
  • View asset value by retailer / brand
  • View dump rate
  • View location of POS assets

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